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Cogent works with the following Technical Partners to ensure that our software works with their complimentary products. This testing may be done 'in-house' at either company, as part of an Interoperability Workshop, or as part of a joint development project.

Software Toolbox, Inc.

In addition to being Cogent's Master Distributor for North America, Software Toolbox also provide technical analysis and assessment of project requirements to help you design cost effective applications that meet the highest specifications for safety, performance and reliability.

Cogent and Software Toolbox work closely to ensure interoperability between the OPC DataHub and the OPC server and client products also offered by Software Toolbox.

Nissin Systems Co., Ltd.

Nissin Systems provides service and technical support for real-time control technologies on embedded platforms, and highly skilled system integration services for networking. Nissin specializes in software development to port custom boards for operating systems, device drivers, and other applications for embedded systems. Recently Nissin has developed an embedded application for the LANTRONIX Xport series of products which allows them to connect with the OPC DataHub over TCP, and share data in real time.

Nissin Systems and Cogent Real-Time Systems, creator of the OPC DataHub, will work together to provide customers with complete solutions that allow the full integration of remote control systems, and networking among embedded devices. You can visit their web site for more details at the link below:
Web site:
Web contact:

Takebishi Corporation

Takebishi Corporation, with head office in Kyoto, Japan, is a leading electrical and electronics trading company that also develops hardware devices and software, including a line of OPC servers for PLCs, numeric controllers, and machine vision systems. Takebishi's latest DeviceXPlorer x64 OPC server demonstrates preeminent performance in the 64-bit Windows environment, by supporting applications over 4 GB in size and offering such features as the ability to change display languages during run-time.

OPC Training Institute

OPCTI is the largest OPC training company in the world. OPCTI offers hands-on classes both in-person and online. Unlike other companies that offer vendor-biased information, OPCTI focuses strictly on training and does not sell its own products.

OPCTechs Corp.

OPCTechs Corp. specialize in OPC Server development and device-communication technologies for the industrial automation market. OPCTechs provides OPC Servers for Windows and WinCE. Cogent is a partner with OPCTech to test and supply OPC DataHub software that works with the OPCTechs server in Windows.

Carnica Technology

Carnica Technology are a systems integrator based in Austria, who provides state-of-the-art software tools and methodologies for the development of embedded software systems. They are resellers of the QNX operating system and work with Cogent to provide customers with real-time data integration between QNX and Windows systems. You can visit the Carnica web site for more details at the link below:


PICS N.V. is a hardware and software system integrator based in Belgium who provides customers with solutions to connect factory data to MES systems. PICS work with Cogent to provide customers with software solutions that enable tunnelling of process data across a network, from factory locations to systems on management networks. You can visit their web site for more details at the link below:

Atria Automação Industrial

Atria Automação Industrial is a system integrator based in Campinas, Brazil. Their work with customers from many industries including Mining, Automotive and Public Utilities. Atria work with Cogent to provide customers with software solutions that deliver real-time data from the factory floor to management networks and between remote locations. You can visit their web site for more details at the link below:


SWD GmbH are a software vendor and systems integrator based in Germany, who specialize in systems based on the QNX operating system. SWD work with Cogent to provide customers with DataHub based software systems that allow the full integration of QNX and Windows based real-time process data. You can visit their web site for more details at the link below:

BitCtrl Systems GmbH

BitCtrl Systems GmbH are a software deveopment company and systems integrator based in Germany who develop the FlexCtrl SCADA software platform for the QNX operating system. BitCtrl and Cogent work together to provide their customers with a special conenction between FlexCtrl systems running on QNX computers with real-time data from OPC based software running on Windows computers. You can visit their web site for more details at the link below:

Quantum Technology Transfer Corp.

Quantum are a hardware, software and embedded systems integrator based in Poland who work primarily with the QNX operating system. Quantum work with Cogent to provide customers with a real-time connection between QNX based systems and OPC systems in Windows. You can visit their web site for more details at the link below:

AIC Consulting

You can visit their web site for more details at the link below:

Junot Systems

Junot Systems' NLINK OPC to SAP Solution provides a simple, cost-effective, easy to use and out-of-the-box SAP integration that enables Manufacturing companies to integrate their plant-floor systems to their ERP systems faster, cheaper and better than would otherwise be possible. The NLINK OPC to SAP Solution is a turn-key solution that installs in minutes and requires absolutely no custom coding. Deployed worldwide for almost 10 years, NLINK's SAP Certified Interfaces work with any version of SAP and require no additional SAP components to be purchased or installed into the SAP landscape.

Cogent and Junot Systems work together to ensure the highest level of interoperability between the OPC DataHub and the NLINK OPC to SAP Solution.

Acorn Consulting Group - WinERP

The OPC DataHub provides WinERP users with easy access to live plant data from within the WinERP reporting interface. WinERP is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning system offering a comprehensive set of integrated applications including Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing and Business Intelligence.

Efficiency Engineering Inc.

Efficiency Engineering are an engineering firm that helps building owners develop and carry out Energy Management and Conservation Planning for their building portfolios. Cogent provides software and consulting services to Efficiency Engineering clients who need to:
  • View real-time building control data in a web browser,
  • Manage control system point lists in web accessible database applications,
  • Share real-time building control data between facilities,
  • Access data from legacy systems for integration with new systems.

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