mirror_master_2 — sets up a secure tunnelling (mirroring) master.


(mirror_master_2 host port flagslocaldomain remotedomain heartbeat timeout [username password])



The master host's name or IP address.


The port number or service name of the mirroring master.


Any combination of:

0x00100000READABLEData is readable from the master. Always set this.
0x00200000WRITABLEData is writable to the master.
0x01000000SYNC_SENDOn initial connection, send all data to the master
0x02000000SYNC_RECVOn initial connection, receive all data from the master
0x04000000SYNC_TIMEOn initial connection, synchronize by comparing time stamps.
0x10000000AUTHORITATIVEMaster is authoritative. Data here is marked Not Connected when the connection drops.
0x20000000NON_AUTHORITATIVEI am authoritative. Data in the master is marked Not Connected when the connection drops.
0x40000000OVERRIDE_TIMEOverride the time stamp on incoming data with the system clock time.

Some combinations of flags will generate strange results:

    Combining WRITABLE with OVERRIDE_TIME will result in pollution of the master's time stamps.

    Only one of SYNC_SEND, SYNC_RECV and SYNC_TIME should be specified.

    Only one of AUTHORITATIVE and NON_AUTHORITATIVE should be specified.

    If WRITABLE is not set, then SYNC_SEND, SYNC_TIME and NON_AUTHORITATIVE make no sense.


The domain of the slave (i.e. local) computer


The domain of the mirroring master.


The number of milliseconds for the heartbeat on this connection. 0 means disabled.


The number of milliseconds for the timeout on this connection. 0 means disabled. The timeout should be significantly longer than the heartbeat.


(optional) The user name to use if authenticating this connection.


(optional) The password to use if authenticating this connection. This password is stored in obfuscated text to stop somebody from casually copying it. However, since this obfuscation must be reversible to give access to the original password, it does not represent strong security. Do not allow untrusted people access to your configuration file.


A message indicating success or error. Please refer to Return Syntax for details.


This command is the same as mirror_master, but includes the necessary parameters for security. This command is sent to the slave DataHub in a mirroring relationship. It tells the slave all the information it needs about its connection to the master DataHub. This command corresponds to all the entries in the Tunnel Master dialog that opens when you click the Add button in the Tunnel/Nirror option of the Properties window.


The DataHub uses mirroring to do tunnelling, so the term 'mirror' is used to name the command.