report_errors — controls the reporting of errors.


(report_errors 0|1 [error_point])



If 0 (the default), errors in transmitting an exception will not be reported to the client. If 1, an error string will be generated.


(Optional) The name of a point to contain the error string. If no name is given here, the error string will be written as the value of the point in which the error occurred.


A message indicating success or error. Please refer to Return Syntax for details.


This command allows a client to specify how a failure to transmit a point change should be reported, either by modifying the point data and trying again, or by emitting an "error" point with the message in its data. The default is no reporting at all. In any case, if the attempt to emit the exception with the error information also fails, no further action is attempted by the Cascade DataHub.