secure — adjusts the security level of a point.


(secure name my_sec new_sec)



The name of a DataHub point, as a string.


The user's security level.


The new security level to be assigned to the point.


A message indicating success or error. Please refer to Return Syntax for details.


This command adjusts the security level of a DataHub point. If a point has a non-zero security level then any attempt to change the point value will fail if the writer claims to have a security level lower than the point's security level. The term "security level" is something of a misnomer because it is up to the writer to state what security level it has, and the writer could claim to have any security level. There is no validation of the claim by the DataHub. Consequently, this security level is co-operative. It acts to stop errors among trusted programs, but does not act to limit access by untrusted programs.

The default security level for a point is 0.