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Cascade Middleware Connects Excel Spreadsheets in Real Time

Scalable technology allows Microsoft Excel and other Windows applications to share real-time data across a network or the Internet.

Georgetown, Ontario (October 13, 2004) Cogent Real-Time Systems, providers of real-time data connectivity software, announced today the release of Windows versions of their Cascade DataHub and Cascade Connect products. These products will enable users to share real-time data among any number of Excel spreadsheets or other Windows applications anywhere in their organization. The technology requires no programming, and can be scaled to suit virtually any need or budget.

"The core technology for Cascade Middleware has been in use for over 10 years in hundreds of industrial, business, and other process control environments, from the floor of the American Stock Exchange to a European Space Agency satellite," said Mr. Andrew Thomas, company president. "To meet these requirements, we have developed our products with a modular architecture. This means Cascade Middleware connects to a wide range of applications with minimal configuration, and delivers reliable service in mission critical environments."

The technology was originally developed for process control engineers using QNX, a real-time operating system, and then made available in Linux. This release of a Windows version is targeted at a broader spectrum of users, including stock market traders, researchers, and project managers who need real-time data connections to and from Excel spreadsheets, as well as other Windows applications.

Despite Windows' popularity as an operating system, most of its applications were not designed for real-time connectivity. Until now Excel users have been forced to program one-off, ad-hoc solutions to get real-time data connectivity, or they've had to invest in large-scale enterprise integration suites. Cogent's entry into this marketplace promises real-time performance with no programming, and it can be scaled to meet the needs of any system.

Founded in 1995, Cogent Real-Time Systems is a leading developer of middleware solutions that connect sources and consumers of live data. Customers include the Bank of Canada, Cadbury Chocolate and the European Space Agency. Cogent leverages its experience in developing real-time systems to create data transport models for time-sensitive applications.

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