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Cascade Middleware Connects QNX and Windows in Real Time

Modular technology allows QNX and Windows applications to share real-time data across a network or the Internet.

Georgetown, Ontario (October 15, 2004) Cogent Real-Time Systems, providers of real-time data connectivity software, announced the release of new versions of their Cascade DataHub and Cascade Connect middleware products. QNX programs can now exchange data in real time with DDE or OPC enabled Windows applications, across a network or the Internet.

QNX is a real-time operating system known for its microkernel architecture and interprocess communication. The Cascade DataHub for QNX uses either TCP or the native send/receive/reply protocol to collect and distribute data among QNX programs. The Windows version of the Cascade DataHub can use TCP, DDE, or OPC to establish client connections. The DataHub bridges the gap between QNX and Windows using a standard TCP/IP connection, which means data can be shared between applications across a LAN, WAN or Internet connection.

"QNX gives solid real-time performance, but most of the world is using Windows," said Mr. Andrew Thomas, president of Cogent. "So why not have them both? With Cascade Middleware you can run hard real-time applications in QNX, and still get access to data from any DDE program in Windows, as well as the full range of OPC products and drivers."

Cascade Middleware products are designed to treat each participating program or process as a modular unit. Any application can be connected or disconnected at any time, without disruption to the rest of the system. Programs can send or receive data synchronously or asynchronously, using read/write or publish/subscribe models of communication.

QNX programs interact with the Cascade DataHub through the Cogent API, which includes utilities, libraries, and functions for writing custom interfaces. In Windows no programming is necessary, though an API is available for those who wish to create custom applications.

Founded in 1995, Cogent Real-Time Systems is a leading developer of middleware solutions that connect sources and consumers of live data. Customers include the Bank of Canada, Cadbury Chocolate and the European Space Agency. Cogent leverages its experience in developing real-time systems to create data transport models for time-sensitive applications.

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