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Takebishi Partners with Cogent to Sell OPC DataHub

Takebishi Corporation Forms Sales and Technical Partnerships with Cogent Real-Time Systems for the OPC DataHub in Japan

Georgetown, Ontario (February 6, 2007) Cogent Real-Time Systems announces that Takebishi Corporation will provide sales and technical support for Cogent's OPC DataHub and related software for the Japanese market. Takebishi was the first to introduce an OPC server in Japan, and views the OPC DataHub as an excellent complement to their DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Series.

"We are looking forward to the synergy effect that the OPC DataHub will have with our products," said Ryuji Takeuchi of Takebishi. "The OPC DataHub will help users get the most out of DeviceXPlorer."

The OPC DataHub combines the functionality of many OPC tools in one product. It can connect an OPC server to Excel, to an ODBC database, or to a web browser to display live data. It can bypass DCOM by tunnelling OPC data across a network, or aggregate data from many OPC servers into a single data stream. It can bridge various OPC servers, analyzing or transforming the live data in real time using its built-in scripting language.

"With the OPC DataHub, users of Takebishi's DeviceXPlorer can now do a whole lot more," said Andrew Thomas, President of Cogent. "Once again, Takebishi has taken the lead in recognizing the value of new technology. It is a pleasure to work with them and collaborate on data connectivity solutions."

Takebishi is an engineering trading company specializing in data communication for industrial electric and electronic equipment and devices. They joined OPC Foundation Japan in 1995 and since that time have been very active in developing OPC servers and spreading OPC technology. Takebishi has offices throughout Japan, with a focus on the Kyoto and Shiga areas.

Founded in 1995, Cogent Real-Time Systems is the leader in real-time cross-platform data integration between Windows, Linux and QNX. Customers include the Bank of Canada, Cadbury Chocolate and the European Space Agency. Cogent leverages its experience in real-time data communications to provide the next generation of OPC products.

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