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Customer Testimonial
Allan Barrow (abFutures Ltd. - New Zealand)

Until recently our company sustained continual difficulties transferring data in real-time from open Excel workbooks on our server to a number of workstations each using open Excel workbooks. Workbooks running on workstations were required to update workbooks on the server simultaneously.

Workbooks used are large, contain many thousands of links and utilize numerous macros to function. We ran into many difficulties using Excel as a 'Real-Time Data Server' as well as suffering from the limitations of 'File Sharing' etc.

Requirements were to transfer live market data linked via DDE in an open Excel workbook on a server as fast as possible to open Excel workbooks on a number of workstations and to retrieve processed data in return.

Our company operates a local network utilizing a server running Windows 2003 x64 with 5 workstations running Windows XP professional. All were running office 2003.

Software purchased from Cogent namely the Cascade DataHub and the Cascade Connect programs were very easy to install and operate.

Most importantly Cascade DataHub and Cascade Connect operate independently from Excel and with the ability to act both as a DDE client and a DDE server simultaneously the functionality of Excel itself is not inhibited in any way.

We recommend anyone to use this software to efficiently transfer data from any Excel file to any other Excel file via a local network.

Yours faithfully

Allan Barrow
Managing Director

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