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Customer Testimonial
Paul Findlay (Aspire Technology - Australia)

Aspire Technology provides support and consulting services to small enterprises in Sydney, Australia. Dealing primarily in the financial services market, our clients deal with real time pricing information which is critical to their businesses. One of our largest clients, a boutique energy broking firm, required development of a spreadsheet which could store bid/offer pricing information for a number of different energy products. Additional to this, the spreadsheet needed to be distributed to each of the brokers over two offices 1000Km apart with the most recent prices changes replicated in real time.

Initially we looked at developing a client/server application, but the cost of the project was to range from $20,000 - $60,000. It was at this time, that I came across Cogent through a web search. After downloading the demonstration version and some contact with Cogent support staff, we got a simple spreadsheet running between 5 users across three offices in two cities in two different states. Initially we struggled with the amount of calculation being done to replicate the data. With over 1500 data points in the spreadsheet, we needed the most efficient way of handling this. With no programming skill sets in house, we approached Cogent to assist. They were more than willing to do what they could to make it work, providing some customized VBA coding to make it sing.

All up, the project cost under $10,000 in software licenses and programming and we now have a spreadsheet which show's live prices, and changes cell colours for a short period when a cell value changes. We have since extended the spreadsheet to allow text notes to be entered for each client so that the brokers have a communications log and an understanding of each client's requirements, even if they don't talk with that client directly. It has revolutionized the amount of communication between the brokers and optimized the service provided to the clients.

We were delighted with the level of service Cogent provided throughout the project. With extreme timezone differences, Cogent's support staff made themselves available well into the night to allow phone and email contact to work through any problems we experienced. All of our questions were answered promptly and in great detail to ensure we understood exactly what was going on. It has been a pleasure dealing with them, and I look forward to recommending their products in future situations.


Paul Findlay

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