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Customer Testimonial
Sergey Kataev (Binar Co., Russia)

Our company has developed an automation system for Engine Gas Compressors in 1998. Development started in February and lasted till September. In September our control system has passed first real tests.

Almost all of programming was done by two programmers - Vadim B. and me. Vadim wrote VME bus manager and all of low-level I/O tasks. I did control applications and GUI. I believe I couldn't do so much if I was writing only in C. Cogent software let me do it. We have used Cascade DataHub (real-time database) and Gamma programming language. It was our first experience with Cascade DataHub and Gamma, and very successful one. I had lots of questions about Gamma, and Cogent support people provided very prompt response. They have answered my questions, shared some ideas with me (it's great!), and gave me newest versions of their software.

I can't help saying a few words about Gamma. It is really great idea to attach C-like syntax parser to LISP machine. When I saw Gamma first time, I was really amazed by samples provided (now I know they show just a little part of good features). The one thing that means everything is that now I believe that almost any program written in Gamma is 3-5 times shorter then the same written in C. It goes for small and big programs. I'm sure that the shorter is the program the easier it is for writing, debugging and understanding. That's why I recommend using Gamma - it lets you save your time.

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