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Customer Testimonial
Linda Campbell (QNX Software Systems Ltd.)

This letter is to confirm that Cogent has been involved with our company for a number of years. This relationship has taken a variety of forms: initially, Cogent was our customer; now they are both a customer and an active member of our Third Party Partners Program. Most recently, we hired them as consultants for their expertise in QNX, Photon, and in object-oriented programming. We value the relationship, whatever the form.

Cogent, as a company, may be considered relatively young. However, most of their employees had been active QNX developers prior to the formation of Cogent. Therefore, the technical expertise of the company goes well beyond that of a young company. In fact, Cogent generally participates in all of our beta test programs and can be relied on to give accurate and useful information pertaining to the development of our products.

Cogent has an excellent reputation as active members of the QNX community. My personal experience with them has been very positive; they're not only a pleasure to work with, but true professionals as well.

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