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Customer Testimonial
Frank Cipparrone (Cadbury Chocolate Canada Inc.)

For several years, I have had the opportunity to invest a considerable amount of capital in our chocolate making facility. A good part of that money has been invested in automation control systems. My original objective was to take the full operation away from manual systems and create the roots of automation. The challenges that we faced were many, starting with old habits, old basic machines and not enough funds to start from scratch.

To minimize the possibility of failure and to maximize our value for money, the right people had to be found and trusted with this task.

We are overwhelmingly pleased that the choice to use your company (Cogent) has proven many times over to have been the right one. As you know, the systems that your company has worked on are model systems within the Cadbury World Family.

I am personally impressed and thankful with the limited amount of direct instructions that I was required to give Cogent on each project. However, the results have always been beyond expectations. The operator involvement style that we experimented with on these projects has become a standard in Cadbury.

On behalf of the operators, supervisors and managers at Cadbury, I thank you for all your good work and we look forward to our next project.

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