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Success Stories
New York based trading company, USA
Windows/Linux integration speeds decision making
A New York based company involved in high-speed stock trading based on real-time analysis of market data needed a way to automate their trading strategy.

The company delivers stock market data to analysts running Excel spreadsheets, who must then produce analytical results including buy and sell signals.
Closed Loop Application of Trade Strategies
Using the Cascade DataHub, the company was able to share both the data and the analytical results among all of their office staff, as well as transmit these results to their traders on the floor of the stock exchange. In addition, the company was able to integrate third-party trading software with the DataHub to allow them to automatically issue buy and sell requests without human intervention.

Cogent's software allowed the client to implement a straight-through processing solution that incorporates their proprietary analysis and the trading software of their choice.

During the installation of the new software, Cogent worked closely with the customer's technical staff and offered technical support when needed.

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