20.3.Event Log

This window lets you view a log of events from the OPC DataHub. You can open this window in either of two ways:

You can specify the category of event Facility and level of Severity by checking and unchecking the related items. It is possible to open multiple Event Log windows, and select different Facility and Severity options in each window.


The Debug option is very verbose. Operating in this mode could put an unusually high demand on system resources.

Log to File

If you wish to save a log, you can have the OPC DataHub write the log to a file. Just check the Log to File box and specify the filename in the entry field. You can use the Browse button to find a file. If the file you specify doesn't exist, the DataHub will create it. If the file does exist, the DataHub will append log data to the file. As long as the Log to File box is checked, the DataHub will append all log entries to the file, even when restarted after a shutdown.