1.6.View Your Data on the Web

You can view all the data points currently in the DataHub using the Web Data Browser.

  1. Ensure that the DataHub is running and connected to your data sources, and that the DataHub Web Server is enabled.
  2. If your are running your web browser on the same machine as your DataHub, type localhost/datahub.asp into the Address field at the top of your browser. If you are running your web browser on a different machine from the DataHub, type the IP address or computer name of the computer running the DataHub, instead of localhost.
    The Web Data Browser page should display:
    The DataHub domains and data hierarchy are displayed in the left pane, and live updates of the point values for the selected part of the hierarchy are shown the right pane. You can modify the header for this page by editing this file: C:\Program Files\Cogent\OPC DataHub\Plugin\Webserver\html\domaintreeheader.asp.