time — specifies the time format for a log or group.


(time timespec [label ...])



A string of formatting directives, whose options are as follows:

%JThe day of the week (e.g., Mon).
%jThe day of the month [1-31].
%MThe month (e.g., Jan).
%mThe month in the year [1-12].
%yThe year in the century (e.g., 96).
%YThe year with century (e.g., 1996).
%hThe hour in the day [0-23].
%nThe minute in the hour [0-59].
%zThe second in the minute [0-59].
%ZThe seconds since Jan 1, 1970.
%TThe tenths of seconds in second (%z).
%HThe hundredths of seconds in second (%z).
%LThe milliseconds in second (%z).
%UThe microseconds in second (%z).
%NThe nanoseconds in second (%z).
%ASets a global default time spec. This default can be changed at any time, including run-time.

An optional log or group label.


On success, t, otherwise one of the following error messages:

(error "textlog: Group or log label does not exist")
(error "textlog: Too few arguments to time: # < #")
(error "textlog: Invalid command: time")

or, if none of the above errors apply, nil.


The time command lets you specify the time format for any log or group. If no label is specified, this command sets a global default value for all logs and groups. Any specific value always overrides the global definition, regardless of the order in the configuration file or when a command is sent.

You can prepend any printf-style format modifiers to the time spec field names, as appropriate for the field type. Some of these format modifiers will be ignored (e.g., %y and %Y ignore format modifiers). The string-type fields, %J and %M, respond to %s modifiers.


Sub-second fields (%T, %L, %U, %N) usually need to be zero-padded to produce readable results, as in %z.%09N.

This command corresponds to the Cogent C API function LG_Time.

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(time  "%02h:%02n:%02z%02H")
(time "%j/%m/%y %h:%02n:%02z.%03L" temp press)