Table of Contents

cache - controls how frequently data is written.
collect - specifies when a line of data is considered complete.
commands - gives a list of all available commands.
disable - renders a log or group inactive.
empty - specifies a place-holder string for empty data readings.
enable - activates a log or group.
exit - exits the Cascade TextLogger.
fall - associates values logged within a tolerance.
file - specifies the file to receive a log.
flush - flushes all buffered output.
group - groups a number of logs or groups together.
log - writes point data in formatted lines.
output - writes an output string to a log or group, a file, stdout, or stderr.
textlog - starts the Cascade TextLogger.
time - specifies the time format for a log or group.
timestamp - sets the time resolution for each line.
tolerance - sets the maximum gap between timestamps of any two points.
usegmt - sets time/date strings to GMT or local time.
version - gives the version and build numbers.