usegmt — sets time/date strings to GMT or local time.


(usegmt mode [label ...])



Any one of t, true, y, or yes (upper or lower case) sets time to GMT, which is the default.

Any one of f, false, n, or no (upper or lower case) sets time to local.


An optional log or group label.


On success, t, otherwise one of the following error messages:

(error "textlog: GMT mode must begin with y, n, t or f")
(error "textlog: Group or log label does not exist")
(error "textlog: Too few arguments to usegmt: # < #")
(error "textlog: Invalid command: usegmt")

or, if none of the above errors apply, nil.


The usegmt command lets you set the time for the time and date strings of any log or group to Greenwich Mean Time or local time. If no label is specified, this command sets a global default value for all logs and groups. Any specific value always overrides the global definition, regardless of the order in the configuration file or when a command is sent.

This command corresponds to the Cogent C API function LG_UseGMT.

See Also

collect, time


(usegmt true)
(usegmt f press)