Cascade TextLogger™

Version 6.4

March 27, 2008

A real-time data logger that creates human- or machine-readable output, by writing formatted data to ASCII text files.

Cogent software is source-code compatible among the Linux, QNX 6, and QNX 4 operating systems.
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. What is the Cascade TextLogger?
1.2. System Requirements
1.3. Download and Installation
1.3.1. QNX 4
1.3.2. QNX 6
1.3.3. Linux
1.3.4. Installed file locations
1.3.5. Installing licenses
1.4. Cogent Product Integration
1.5. Where can I get help?

2. Using the Cascade TextLogger
2.1. Starting up
2.2. Configuration
2.3. Sending Commands
2.4. Logs, Groups, and Labels
2.5. Example

A. GNU General Public License
B. GNU Lesser General Public License

I. Commands
cache - controls how frequently data is written.
collect - specifies when a line of data is considered complete.
commands - gives a list of all available commands.
disable - renders a log or group inactive.
empty - specifies a place-holder string for empty data readings.
enable - activates a log or group.
exit - exits the Cascade TextLogger.
fall - associates values logged within a tolerance.
file - specifies the file to receive a log.
flush - flushes all buffered output.
group - groups a number of logs or groups together.
log - writes point data in formatted lines.
output - writes an output string to a log or group, a file, stdout, or stderr.
textlog - starts the Cascade TextLogger.
time - specifies the time format for a log or group.
timestamp - sets the time resolution for each line.
tolerance - sets the maximum gap between timestamps of any two points.
usegmt - sets time/date strings to GMT or local time.
version - gives the version and build numbers.