Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

1.1. What is the Cascade TextLogger?
1.2. System Requirements
1.3. Download and Installation
1.3.1. QNX 4
1.3.2. QNX 6
1.3.3. Linux
1.3.4. Installed file locations
1.3.5. Installing licenses
1.4. Cogent Product Integration
1.5. Where can I get help?

1.1. What is the Cascade TextLogger?

The Cascade TextLogger is a tool that receives data from any process via the Cascade DataHub and writes it to ASCII files. You can choose any combination of data variables, when to log their values, where to send the output, and what format to use for writing the data.

With the Cascade TextLogger you can:

    Convert data into comma-separated files that can be read by Excel.

    Generate text for import into other programs.

    Associate diverse data in a single log file.

    Maintain multiple log files simultaneously.

    Add headers and comments into the data stream.

For example, if you have four different processes running simultaneously (say, P1, P2, P3, and P4), each creating 6 different data streams (say a through f), with the Cascade TextLogger you can generate customized Excel reports that associate the data across time for any or all of the four processes on each line, like this:

At the same time, you can make other, separate logs with their own customized format for importing the same or other data into other programs.

The Cascade TextLogger:

    Accepts asynchronous input, so your program won't block on disk access.

    Lets you start or stop logging on a per-file or per-record basis.

    Can be controlled entirely programmatically using send commands in QNX or Linux.