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View Live Data In Your Cell Phone or PDA
Demo OPC to Web in a mobile browser
See our live OPC to Web demo in your cell phone or PDA web browser.

Getting started
Each of the links below will display an interactive demo in a mobile web browser. Not all cell phone web browsers will support the AJAX implementations, but most will support the ASP example. If the default browser on your mobile device does not display any of these demos, then try using the Opera Mobile Web Browser, which works well with both the AJAX and ASP examples.

Streaming AJAX Example
  • Type the following URL into your mobile web browser:
  • Enter a value of 0 for Auto SP change, then press Enter.
  • Now you can enter a New SP value and see the changes by viewing the web demo on a desktop computer (see below).

Polling AJAX Example

ASP Example
  • Type the following URL into your mobile web browser:
  • Enter a New Setpoint value and click Enter to send the data to the DataHub for processing.
  • Click the Enter button again to see new values displayed.

Watch the changes on your desktop web browser
One of the best ways to get instant feedback when you enter data through your mobile web browser is to see the results in the Java web page demo, viewed using a standard desktop web browser.

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