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Displaying data on the web means different things to different people. That's why the OPC DataHub offers a number of options, starting with web pages that require no programming whatsoever, all the way to high speed we applications using the latest Java and AJAX technologies. Click the icons below to read more.

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DataHub Browser - Your data on the web - no programming required
Now installed with the DataHub is a web application called the DataHub Browser. This Streaming AJAX application allows you to display data from any DataHub source, in a web browser, without having to write any code, or configure any web server settings.

Demo OPC to Web on your own computer
Want to demo this technology on your own computer? It takes only a few minutes to download and install the new DataHub Web Server Demo. No programming required.

Server-side Benefits
  • The DataHub comes with its own built-in web server.
  • Point and click configuration makes installation quick and easy.
  • No server side programming is required for DDE and OPC data sources.
  • The DataHub also connects to TCP/IP, MATLAB, ODBC and text file sources of data.
  • Easy to design web pages, example code and free Java applets are provided.
  • Web sites can be password protected and data connections secured using SSL.
  • There are effectively no limits on the number of data points.
Browser-side Benefits
  • No ActiveX objects or special plug-ins to download.
  • Supports ASP for producing sophisticated web reports.
  • Supports AJAX to display live data in standard web browsers, hand-held devices and mobile phones.
  • Supports embedded Java applets for unbeatable performance when displaying real-time data on the web.
  • AJAX and ASP web pages work with any web browser.
  • Java applets use the standard Sun Java engine, which is supported by most desktop web browsers.
  • Fully bi-directional data flow, so you can read and write data in the web page.
  • Supports an unlimited number of web users.
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