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Drag and drop real-time data into Excel
The OPC DataHub lets you drag and drop data into your spreadsheet to instantly see live updates. Save the spreadsheet and the next time you open it, all the data is refreshed and you have reports with up to the moment accuracy. The OPC DataHub also makes it easy for your to pull data back out of Excel and use it as input to your control systems, or as analysis results you can share with a colleague.

Video: OPC DataHub - Working with Microsoft Excel.

Why use the OPC DataHub for connecting OPC to Excel?
The top 4 reasons why the OPC DataHub is the best OPC to Excel solution available:
OPC DataHub Other OPC to Excel products
Drag and drop point values directly into your spreadsheets. Other products require you to type DDE formula into the cell, which is time consuming and can lead to errors.
You can display the point value, timestamp, quality and point type. Other products only offer the ability to link to the point value.
Display OPC array points as Excel ranges and transmit Excel ranges as array points. Other OPC to Excel products are not able to work with array points in this way.
The OPC DataHub acts as both a DDE client and server, so you can both write data to Excel and also read data from Excel. Other products limit you to only being able to write data into Excel.

How do you get data from the DataHub into Excel?
  • Drag and drop point names directly from the DataHub into your Excel application (see animation below).
  • If you prefer, you can also use a simple Excel macro to read data from the DataHub in a more controlled manner.

How do you get data from Excel into the DataHub?
There are two ways to get data out of Excel and into the DataHub:
  • Configure the DataHub to act as a DDE Client and have Excel automatically send the data whenever it changes. (See the OPC DataHub manual for more details).
  • Write a simple macro in Excel to send data to the DataHub under conditions you get to define more closely.
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