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Aspire Technology. - Sydney, Australia
Collaborative decision making over the Internet
Aspire Technology were asked by one of their brokerage firm clients to come up with a way for their traders to see current bid/offer pricing information for a number of different energy products. The brokerage firm operates from three locations, two in Sydney and one in Melbourne, Australia. The project required the traders at these locations to all see the same data, in real-time, with no propagation delays or impact on performance.

Commodity prices are collected by an Excel application running on an office server computer, which also performs real-time analysis on the incoming data.

Using the Internet to share Excel data, quickly and easily
After searching the Internet for possible solutions, Aspire downloaded and installed the demo version of Cascade DataHub and Cascade Connect from the Cogent web site. Soon after that, they had a working demo up and running and moved ahead with implementation of the final system. This involved installing the Cascade DataHub on the Excel server in the office and Cascade Connect* on each of the trader's workstations.

Cogent provided assistance with some custom Excel programming so the traders could easily spot important changes in the data and react accordingly. Aspire extended the spreadsheet to allow text notes to be entered for each client so that the brokers have a communications log and an understanding of each client's requirements, even if they don't talk with that client directly.

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* Note: Since this application was finished, the Cascade Connect program has been superceded by the new version of the Cascade DataHub. In the diagram above, the new DataHub would be installed on both the server and workstation computers.

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