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Cadbury Chocolate. - Toronto, Canada
QNX and Windows control integration
Cadbury Chocolate needed to control the chocolate mixing and distribution systems in it's downtown Toronto production facility. In order to do this they had originally tried several Windows based applications, but found it impossible to come up with a system that was capable of providing effective control.

The decision was made to split the problem into two parts. The QNX operating system would be used for the more challenging process control application and Windows would be used to display the operator interface. This way, the critical control could be isolated from any problems that occurred in the Windows system.
Real-time data integration across the network
Cogent's solution was to install the Cascade DataHub on the QNX computers and the Cascade Connect* program on the Windows display computers. The DataHub provides a central distribution mechanism for all control data and Cascade Connect provides Windows applications with access to the QNX control data over a standard network connection.

The end result has been an interleaved control system that has been running for more than 12 years with only minor modifications when new ingredients are introduced, or plant equipment is reconfigured.

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* Note: Since this application was finished, the Cascade Connect program has been superceded by the new version of the Cascade DataHub. In the diagram above, the new DataHub would be installed on both the QNX and Windows computers.

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