AppendixH.Error Messages

Table of Contents

H.1. Windows Error Numbers
H.2. Windows TCP Error Numbers
H.3. Windows DDE Error Numbers

This section presents error numbers that the developer may encounter when using the OPC DataHub.

H.1.Windows Error Numbers

NumberError StringError Description
0EOKNo error.
1EPERMNo permissions, or the user is not the process owner.
2ENOENTNo such file or directory.
3ESRCHNo such process.
4EINTRInterrupted system call.
5EIOI/O error.
6ENXIONo such device or address.
7E2BIGArgument list is too big.
8ENOEXECExecutable format is not recognized.
9EBADFBad file number or invalid file descriptor.
10ECHILDNo child processes exist.
11EAGAINResource temporarily unavailable or operation would block.
12ENOMEMOut of memory.
13EACCESPermission denied.
14EFAULTBad memory address.
15ENOTBLKBlock operation attempted on non-block device.
16EBUSYDevice or resource busy, or operation already in progress.
17EEXISTFile exists.
18EXDEVCross-device link.
19ENODEVNo such device.
20ENOTDIRNot a directory.
21EISDIRIs a directory.
22EINVALInvalid argument.
23ENFILEFile table overflow.
24EMFILEToo many open files.
25ENOTTYCharacter operation on non-character device.
26ETXTBSYText file is busy.
27EFBIGFile is too large.
28ENOSPCNo space left on device.
29ESPIPEIllegal seek attempted on a pipe.
30EROFSAttempted write to a read-only file system.
31EMLINKToo many links.
32EPIPEBroken pipe.
33EDOMMath argument out of data domain of function.
34ERANGEResult too large.
36EDEADLOCKDeadlock avoided.