19.6. Email

This option in the Properties Window sets up the DataHub to send emails and SMS text messages. You will need to configure the outgoing mail server at least once, and then configure each email message.

Configure Outgoing Mail Server by pressing the Configure button to open the Mail Server Configuration window:

SMTP Server:

The name of the SMTP server. You can use the same SMTP server listed in your email client program.

SMTP Port:

The SMTP port number (typically this is port 25).

Sender email:

The email address of the sender. This will appear in the From field of the email.

User name:

The log-in name you use to access this SMTP account.


The applicable password.

Click the OK button to submit your entries.

To Configure Emails  press the Configure button to open the Email/SMS Events window:

A complete explanation for this window can be found in Chapter 5, OPC to Email and SMS, starting with the Sending a Test Message.