1.8. Connect to remote data

Cogent has a DataHub running that makes live test data available over the Internet. To set up the OPC DataHub to receive that test data, just follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the OPC DataHub system-tray icon and choose Properties.
  2. In the Properties window, select Tunnel/Mirror .
  3. In the Tunnelling/Mirror Slave section, check the Act as a tunnelling slave to these masters box.
  4. Click the Add Master... button to open the Tunnel/Mirror Master Configuration window:
  5. Fill in these entry fields at the top as follows:

      Primary Host: developers.cogentrts.com

      Local data domain: test

      Remote data domain: test

    There is no need to make or change any other entries.
  6. Click OK to close the Tunnel/Mirror Master window, and then click Apply in the Properties Window.
  7. Open the Data Browser and click the test data domain name in the left-hand pane of the window.
    The Data Browser window should show some data updating in real time. Any delays in updates to these points are due to slow network speed or high traffic volumes.

    You can also use the Connection Viewer to see all active connections in the OPC DataHub.

For more information on tunnelling, please refer to Section 19.3, “Tunnel/Mirror”.