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Danish OPC Experts to Distribute OPC DataHub in Scandinavia

PC Instruments, a leading OPC vendor in Denmark, sees strong market potential for OPC tunnelling and enterprise data connectivity using the OPC DataHub.

Georgetown, Ontario (September 10, 2007) Cogent Real-Time Systems announces a new agreement with PC Instruments in Denmark for distribution of the OPC DataHub. PC Instruments markets OPC-based hardware and software in Scandinavia, and plans to focus on the OPC DataHub's tunnelling capabilities as a key sales strategy.

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"More and more of our customers are demanding a robust, secure, and easy means to configure OPC tunnelling solutions," said Lau Ludvigsen, General Manager of PC Instruments. "The OPC DataHub has what they need. We are pleased to work with Cogent because they have proven to us their dedication to OPC tunnelling, as well as other data communication technologies."

"PC Instruments is a leading proponent of OPC technology in Scandinavia, and we look forward to building a solid relationship with them" said Andrew Thomas, President of Cogent. "They fully understand the value of OPC tunnelling to overcome the limitations of DCOM, and are able to communicate this advantage to their customers."

OPC tunnelling replaces the Windows DCOM protocol to provide robust transmission of OPC data over a network. DCOM works well on a single computer, but was not designed for networking. It is difficult to configure and secure, and it responds poorly to network breaks. The OPC DataHub replaces DCOM with OPC tunnelling that is firewall-friendly, easy to configure, low bandwidth, and recovers quickly from network breaks. In addition, the OPC DataHub offers one-click SSL-encryption for tunnelling, creating a secure connection over public networks.

The OPC DataHub gives quick, reliable, and secure access to valuable information direct from the factory floor. It is an integrated tool that can present live process data directly on an engineer's or manager's desk in a form most suitable: database, spreadsheet, or web page. It provides OPC tunnelling, bridging, and aggregation, and has a free API to support virtually any type of OPC connectivity required.

PC Instruments, founded in 1985, was the first company to introduce OPC in Denmark in 1998, and has played a key role in OPC training and development ever since. PC Instruments provides OPC-based manufacturing hardware and software solutions worldwide, with a focus on Europe and Scandinavia.

Founded in 1995, Cogent Real-Time Systems is the leader in real-time cross-platform data integration between Windows, Linux and QNX. Customers include the Bank of Canada, Cadbury Chocolate and the European Space Agency. Cogent leverages its experience in real-time data communications to provide the next generation of OPC products.

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