DataHub Windows Scripting

Version 6.4

February 01, 2010

A user's guide to Windows scripting for the Cascade DataHub

Copyright, trademark, and software license information.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Overview
1.2. Auto-Generation
1.2.1. Documentation

2. Tutorials
2.1. Making a Window
2.2. Displaying Data
2.3. Entering Data
2.4. A complete demo program: WindowsExample.g
2.5. Sample Code: ListBoxExample.g
2.6. Sample Code: TreeViewDemo.g
2.7. Sample Code: Browse DataHub Points using TreeViewExample.g

3. Widgets
G3StateButton - a 3-state button.
GAnimateCtrl - an animation control.
GBitmapButton - a bitmap button.
GButton - a button.
GCheckBox - a check box.
GCheckListViewCtrl - purpose is not yet documented.
GColorDialog - a color-selection dialog box.
GComboBox - a list box combined with a static or edit control.
GComboBoxEx - a combo box with support for image lists.
GDateTimePickerCtrl - a way to enter a date and time, based on CDateTimeCtrl.
GDialog - a dialog box.
GDragListBox - allows listed items in a list box to be moved.
GEdit - a text-entry box.
GFileDialog - a dialog box for opening and saving files.
GFlatScrollBar - a scrollbar with an enhanced interface, based on FlatScrollBar.
GFolderDialog - a dialog box to manage folders, based on Folder Dialog.
GFontDialog - a dialog box to manage fonts, based on Font Dialog.
GGroupBox - a rectangle that groups controls, based on Group Box.
GHeaderCtrl - a header for columns of text or numbers.
GHotKeyCtrl - allows the creation of a hot key.
GHyperLink - displays a link to a web page, based on HyperLink.
GIPAddressCtrl - an entry field for an IP address.
GLinkCtrl - embeds a hypertext link in a window.
GListBox - a box with a list of items.
GListViewCtrl - determines how lists are displayed, based on ListView Control.
GMonthCalendarCtrl - a control for setting dates and times, based on MonthCalendar Control.
GPageSetupDialog - a control for print page setup options.
GPagerCtrl - a container for a window without enough area to display its content.
GPrintDialog - a print dialog window.
GProgressBarCtrl - a rectangle that fills over time, based on ProgressBar Control.
GRadioButton - a radio button, based on CButton.
GReBarCtrl - a container for a child window.
GRichEditCtrl - a text entry and editing window.
GScrollBar - a scroll-bar control.
GStatic - a static control for text strings, rectangles, bitmaps, etc.
GStatusBarCtrl - an area at the bottom of a window that displays information.
GTabCtrl - a tabbed label for marking multiple pages.
GToolBarCtrl - a toolbar with one or more buttons.
GToolTipCtrl - a pop-up window with a line of text.
GTrackBarCtrl - a slider with optional tick marks, based on TrackBar Control.
GTreeViewCtrl - displays a hierarchy of nodes as a tree, based on TreeView Control.
GTreeViewCtrlEx - an extended TreeViewCtrl.
GUpDownCtrl - a pair of arrows for incrementing and decrementing values, based on UpDown Control.
GWindow - methods for manipulating a window.
GWindowBase - the base for most of these widgets, based on CWindow.

4. Global Functions

5. Non-Widget Classes

6. Constants