Glossary, FAQ and Troubleshooting

February 28, 2008

A glossary and frequently asked questions on terms and concepts related to real-time process control, embedded software, and Cogent products; with a troubleshooting guide for Cogent products.

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Table of Contents

1. Cogent Real-Time Glossary
1.1. Terms Defined in this Glossary
1.2. Definitions

2. Frequently Asked Questions
2.1. Real-time Systems
2.2. Cogent Products
2.3. Other Products

I. Troubleshooting Guide

3. General
3.1. License
3.2. Timers in Linux
3.3. Installing program archives in QNX
3.4. Quitting lsend

4. Cascade Connect versions 3 and 4
4.1. TCP/IP Host Name
4.2. Not Able to Resolve Host Name
4.3. Name Declaration
4.4. Socket Connection
4.5. Socket Binding
4.6. Blinking message
4.7. Points Not Processed
4.8. Long Response Time
4.9. Excel Error or Crash
4.10. No Connection: Data Server-InTouch
4.11. Conversation with VIEW|Data in InTouch
4.12. How to Ignore All Cascade DataHub Messages
4.13. License

5. Drivers
5.1. Sending Input to a Cascade Compatible Driver
5.2. CIF Driver addressing for DeviceNet card
5.3. CIF Driver in Linux not communicating with card
5.4. SA85 Driver doesn't start up
5.5. Linux interrupt mode
5.6. Compiling the test file

6. SRR Module
6.1. Increasing the Maximum Number of Named Processes